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Funeral Services

Funeral Services

Fintan Flood & Sons - Independent Funeral Director
  • Affordable Funeral Services
  • Hygienic Treatment
  • Repatriation (Ireland - UK)
  • Hearse Hire
  • Funeral Home Available
  • Pre - Pay Funeral Plans

When someone's life has been turned upside down due a death it can be a stressful time. What to do? Where to go? Firstly when you contact us you will receive a free quote, prices vary quite substantially, also know what you are paying for

We at Fintan Flood and Sons ensure we set our charges which we request you enquire before you contact us. We are a family business who offer a professional caring service covering all areas. We carry a large selection of coffins and caskets.

24/7 covering all areas, offering a professional, caring service
Offering you our advice in all the options for the funeral and arranging everything in accordance with your wishes, and those of the deceased, within an agreed budget.

A family business free from all multinational influence.

Fintan Flood & Sons affordable Funeral Services is what it means, we do not do cheap funerals, we do affordable funerals!

Prices start from £1800!

Methods of Payment Accepted are as follows

  • Beyond Funeral Plan
  • Credit Union
  • DHSS
  • Cash
  • Paypal
There are other methods of payment we can accept, the above is a guideline, if you may have any queries about other methods do not hesitate to contact us.
Self Direct Funerals, we will on a cash and carry basis, provide you with all you need to conduct your own funeral arrangements.
Please feel free to get a no obligation and completely free quote from us, thank you for taking time to read the above.
For a more in depth explanation, do not hesitate to contact us, 24/7, we cover all areas!
Contact us on - 07770442113 028 30838082


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